Digital Poetry
Digital Poetry is a project created entirely in HTML and CSS. My goal with this project was to engage the user not only visually, but interactively. With the use of CSS animations and hover effects I was able to create a digital experience inspired by King Krule's "Bermondsey Bosom (Left)" interlude from his 2016 album "The Ooz". 
The spanish spoken word track is haunting and enrapturing all at the same time. The track inspired me to attempt to translate that same emotion into an entirely different medium. The track repeats the words 'paradise' and 'parasite'; juxtaposing the euphoria and fear. Because of this, I built my site in two sections–a sort of choose your own adventure. Choose: Paradise or Parasite?
paradise / parasite
slipping into filth
alone but surrounded
you and I
six feet under the moon
arose an...